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Carlin has been a motivational speaker since 2016, utilizing his story to inspire youth and adults.


Carlin D Nordstrom


Carlin Nordstrom is a member of the Poundmaker First Nation. He attended Western Michigan where he studied Physical Fitness while playing NCAA Division 1 hockey. Carlin has been doing Sports, Fitness, Health & Wellness Camps for 4 years and has implemented programming with thousands of youth in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta. Carlin is a former pro Hockey player who attended the Ottawa Senators camp in 1999, played 2 games and had a 4-year pro career.




Marie Tootoosis is an Elder and fluent Cree speaker, who teaches Cree in the Poundmaker and Little Pine First Nations schools.

Marie Tootoosis


Dr. Holly Graham is a member of the Thunderchild First Nation. She has worked as a Registered Nurse (RN) in a variety of northern communities, in addition to various other health care environments since 1985. Holly is an Assistant Professor in the College of Nursing, at the University of Saskatchewan. She maintains an active practice as a Registered Doctoral Psychologist, working primarily with  individuals who have experienced traum and symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Holly's research is  focused on Indigenous health, mental health, and well-being.

Dr. Holly Graham, RN, BA, BScN, MN, PhD, R.D. Psychologist - Project Lead


Shawn is Metis from Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan. He has been practicing karate for over 35 years, and teaching martial arts and self-defence for 20 years. He holds a second degree black belt in Shotokan Karate, Brazilian Ju-Jitsu, Krav Maga and Kali, and is a member/competitor for the Team Canada National Martial Arts Team, winning Gold and Bronze medals in the World Martial Arts Games in Regensburg, Germany. He has worked in corrections, public safety and policing. The past year, teaching youth how to prepare the fish and game at each camp.

Shawn Tallmudge, Self-Defence Instructor


Tim is a member of Lac SeuI First Nation. He spent four years with the Princess Patricia light infantry, and 20 + years with Saskatoon Police Services, where he served on the SWAT team, Emergency Response Team, and as an ERT sniper. He is currently a SGI special investigator,  and has been working as a guide and facilitator for Kisik for the past year.

Tim Bayly, Facilitator and Guide


Member of the Missanabie Cree Nat ion. 5 years with the Princess Patricia light infantry attaining rank of Master Corporal. Went on to a 27 year career with the Saskatoon Police force. He is now an award winning author of 2 books that look back on his career with the Saskatoon Police force. He is also a public speaker who does motivational and leadership talks to First Nation communities throughout Saskatchewan .

Ernie Loutitt, Facilitator and Guide


Alexandra is a member of the Canoe Lake Cree First Nation. She is a young entrepreneur, photographer, spoken word poet and is tech savvy. She is a graduate of Praxis School of Entrepreneurship and was the first place winner of the IYIC in 2019. She is currently finishing up a Marketing degree through Edwards School of Business in Saskatoon, SK.  Alexandra contributes to the team through workshop facilitation, website development and social media support.

Alexandra Jarrett, Facilitator & Tech Support

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"Start each day with a positive mindset and work hard to achieve your goals"

Carlin D Nordstrom


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Today we had a youth motivational speaker, Carlin Nordstrom, present at Le Goff School. He sent a clear message to our students: work hard, set goals, surround yourself with positive people, and never give up. The students were engaged listening to Carlin's story of his personal perseverance to attain his goals to reach NHL level of hockey. Throughout his message he gave students the opportunity to be interactive.As a physical education teacher I would love for him to come back to our school and lead a fitness boot camp for our students. He is an excellent role model and it would be a fabulous opportunity for our students to learn from such a great pro athlete.

Lori Benko –Teacher, Legoff school Alberta

This is in regards to Mr. Carlin Nordstrom and his KISIK Camps activities. Carlin did a presentation recently at our school. He had a solid delivery that was concise and to the point with the added bonus of keeping everybody interested. He is a charismatic individual. Mr. Nordstrom managed to hold the attention of the students throughout his talk. He offered them some very good concepts on how to set and achieve goals that they may have. He also managed to engage the students from start to finish and many were excited to interact with him. Mr. Nordstrom is a great role model for our youth and I can recommend him without hesitation as a speaker that can motivate others. Carlin had experiences to share and philosophies to follow which would be beneficial to old and young alike. He is very good at getting points across to his audience and following them up.

Perry Novicki –Teacher, Mosquito FN school

Carlin Nordstrom visited our school and talked with our students regarding healthy choices, and the need for them to be mindful of growing pains in relation to school/life, bullying by peers, emotional times, successes/failures, life struggles and all that our students experience in day to day life at school and in the community. Carlin’s message focussed on perseverance, determination, and illustrated these with real-life experiences throughout the presentation; in the end, students were given an opportunity to respond, in addition to this, he offered them an opportunity to participate in a fitness component after his presentation. Here are a few of the students’  comments...His presentation helped/told us: “never give up – keep trying, regardless of skill level; never say, “I can’t”; stay positive; enjoyed fitness aspect; want more workouts... I would want Carlin to visit our school again because I want to work out with him again....etc. In finishing, Carlin’s presentation was informative, was inspiring to many students, and the fitness aspect reached others who were more inclined to do this, but the overall message was illustrated through Carlin’s hockey career and school life...

Vince Ahenakew –Principal, Ile-a-la-crosse school

This letter is written with respect to Mr. Carlin Nordstrom and the great work he did at our school on December 7th, 2017. Mr. Nordstrom began with a fantastic and engaging speech that our students and staff enjoyed thoroughly. Mr. Nordstrom discussed life goals and overcoming adversity, topics which are important to our First Nations youth. Mr. Nordstrom then puts our learners through a boot camp in my gym. It was interesting to see our learners take athletic direction from someone other than myself. The learners had fun at the boot camp. Mr. Nordstrom was an engaging and knowledgeable speaker. As a physical education instructor, coach, personal trainer, and former university athlete I can personally attest to his knowledge and skill at coaching and motivating student-athletes in the gym setting.  I can say that Carlin is a great example of a health-conscious,  fit individual who leads by example and practices what he preaches. I would Recommend his presentation to other schools and athletic organizations.

Joseph Panzine – Phys ed teacher, Frog Lake FN school, Alberta

This is in regards to Mr. Carlin Nordstrom and his KISIK Camp. Carlin did a presentation and boot camp at Elizabeth School on December 8, 2017. His presentation was excellent and kept all of the grade 3 to 8 students and school staff engaged. He discussed some excellent ideas and goals for our students. Mr. Nordstrom shared his stories and his experience in the area of strength and determination through his motivational speech. Carlin had the grade 5 to 8 students participate in a boot camp and activities. The students enjoyed working with Mr. Nordstrom and had fun participating in the boot camp. Carlin has a gift speaking with students and his philosophies will help to guide them in following the right path. I believe that Carlin is a great role model and that he is someone our children can learn from and look up too. I would recommend his presentation to other schools.

Joanne Badger – Admin, Elizabeth Settlement school, Alberta

Sakimay First Nations were very fortunate to have Mr. Nordstrom facilitate a workshop to the youth and the community members with a Fitness Circuit Training Workshop in January 2017. This workshop was very beneficial to the community members as Carlin did an excellent job on his presentation and the training exercises. Also, In February 2017, Carlin hosted a hockey skills camp for the youth of our nation and we are very proud of the skills that our young hockey players received from this camp. We recommend Carlin D. Nordstrom for all his camps that he delivers as he is very professional in his line of work, he tailors to the needs of our nation, he is very knowledgeable in delivering his presentations.

Leila, Bob – Manager, Sakimay FN